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    Quartz electric heating tube summarized
    发布日期:2017/02/05 阅读次数:[241]

    Quartz electric heating pipe heating wire is placed in a quartz tube in an electric heater. Since the quartz tube having a far-infrared radiation function selectivity, compared with other heating elements, it does not require far-infrared coating, spectrum matching the absorption characteristics of a good, long-term performance of radiation persistent change, high electric conversion efficiency, than the heating element saving about 30%; heating up fast, small thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal stability and chemical properties, long life, high dielectric strength, non-polluting; thermal response time is short, especially for frequent shut down heating applications simultaneously its design, manufacture, installation is very convenient, economic security.
    Press quartz electric heating pipe ends of the package can be divided into silicone rubber cap type and ceramic cap type two. Refrigerator generally silicon rubber cap encapsulation type, characterized by a silicone rubber cap has certain flexibility, ease of assembly and a certain shock effect, and low temperature and temperature-resistant ability. Power range between 100W ~ 250W. Ceramic cap type power range of 250W ~ 550W, the highest temperature reached 800 ℃.

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