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    Nano-film quartz heating tube 16x170mm



    Nano-film quartz heating tube manufacturer introduces the performance characteristics of quartz glass electric heating tube

    When the heating pipe is working, there is no light fire and no oxidation, which is 50 times longer than the service life of common heating wire and other components.

    The heating pipe adopts the high-strength special temperature-resistant glass as the carrier of the heating pipe, realizing the complete separation of water and electricity, safe and reliable, no electricity leakage;

    The heating film and glass tube are made into a whole body permanently, adopting direct heating method, thermal efficiency up to 97%;

    Full area heating, low power density, low film temperature, extend the service life of other accessories;

    Good resistance to heat and cold shock performance, 800 ℃ high temperature into the 20 ℃ + / - 5 ℃ water, hit back and forth three times not burst;

    The heating film is both an heating element and a safety fuse. When the heating film is damaged accidentally, the heating pipe itself has no abnormality (when the heating film is burnt out, the glass will not break, so there will be no risk of electricity leakage).

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