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    Far-infrared heating tube
    发布日期:2017/02/05 阅读次数:[229]

    Halogen heating pipe, also known as: tungsten filament is placed in a quartz housing, housing design and by filament filament filament emission spectrum in the range of 2400-3500K.
    Divided into civil and industrial use.
    Mainly used for civilian heater, oven.
    Suitable for almost all industrial sectors need to be heated: printing and dyeing, footwear, painting, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, wood, paper, automotive, plastics, furniture, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery and so on.
    Far-infrared heating tube has a high density, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption of the notable features. With this tube heater as a heating element, bake oven and other heating devices can greatly improve work efficiency, shorten the heating cycle, saving equipment footprint, save energy and reduce production cost than conventional infrared heating.
    * Wavelength can be controlled in 0.76um-2um and 2um-16um. And select a different wavelength according to the physical characteristics of the object being heated heating pipe. Thermal efficiency up to 86%.
    * High thermal inertia infrared heating tube is very small. 0.8 seconds after power up to 50% of rated power, about 1 second up to 80% of rated power, up to about 2 seconds rated power, heating, cooling rapidly.
    * High infrared heating tube in a certain portion of the wall coating of gold, titanium and other metals in the orientation of the reflective layer, can greatly improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the temperature of the reflector.
    * High-infrared heating tube life of 3000-5000 hours (depending on usage environment),
    * High infrared heating tube itself is small, and the power to do great. As long 300mm φ12mm heating tube power can be achieved 1KW. My company's products power from 300W-6000W, voltage 110V, 220V, 380V, length from 60mm-2000mm has finished, and the production of non-stereotyped tube according to the needs of users.
    Infrared Luwu Deng belong to thermal radiation source, the lamps are easy to install, without any accessories, AC and DC circuits can be used and so on. Mainly used for industrial heating or drying, such as: circuit board mating, all kinds of baking, film, heating and the like. When the use of clean, hygiene, temperature control, can be dried at atmospheric pressure, heating, can also work in a vacuum. Infrared halogen lamps, horizontal use, can also be heated to erect special equipment, can produce different color temperatures near and far infrared, the spectral lamp, can be used to make different shapes of tungsten heating source. Such as: Triangle filament, filament Siamese (Siamese-style refers to the filament and the bracket are one), intermittent filament and some other materials, heating light source. Far infrared quartz lamps with near-infrared light transparent or translucent, frosted or opal, quartz glass as the lamp housing, can produce near-and far-infrared radiation spectrum. And customer requirements can be designed and manufactured in different lengths, different color temperature, different shapes of single, double infrared.

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